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Other Services

Lock Box Rentals
  • 3x5 $15.00 per year
  • 5x5 $20.00 per year
  • 3x10 $25.00 per yea
  • 5x10 $40.00 per year
  • 10x10 $60.00 per year
Drilled Lock Box Fee: Cost + $10.00

Lost Lock Box Key Replace Fee:  $10.00

Cashier's Check: Customer fee is $3.00

Personal Money Order: Fee is $1.50 with a maximum dollar amount of $1,000.00

Stop Payments:  $20.00 per each Stop Payment form.

Incoming/Outgoing Collection Items: Are handled for a $10.00 per item fee.

Dormant Account: Checking accounts are considered dormant when inactive for a period of one (1) year.  Savings accounts are dormant when inactive for a period of three (3) years.  An annual fee of $9.00 will be assessed on dormant accounts in December.

Account Closing Fee:  A fee of $20.00 will be assessed on all new checking and savings accounts closed within ninety (90) days of opening.

ATM/Debit Cards:  A $5.00 fee may be assessed for replacement cards other than at expiration. 

ATM Card Transaction Fee:  Made at other institution’s ATM is $1.00.

Wire Transfer:  Domestic wire -  $15.00.   International transfer – cost + $5.00

Telephone Transfer:  $2.00  per transaction.  Transfers made via telephone banking are FREE.

Account Activity Printout or Copy of Statement: $1.00

Counter Checks: .20¢  per check

Fax Services: Outgoing fax: 1st page $2.00, each additional page $1.00.  Incoming fax: .20¢ per page.

Notary Services: $1.00                   

Coin Processing: Non-customer: Lesser of 10% or $10.00                         

Loan Amortization Schedule: $3.00

Son kissing mothers nose

Personal Savings

Start saving for what matters most to you.

We offer a simple way to grow your savings for whatever your future has in store for you.